Health and Hygiene

July 7, 2009 by  

Since my last blog post, my time with Shelter has been very busy! I have been able to visit Sangli a couple times, and even had the exciting opportunity to join Pratima Joshi in traveling to Mumbai and meeting with the Home Minister about SA’s slum rehabilitation housing relocation plan. Last week, I put together and had printed informative posters to be brought into SA’s new health and hygiene program. Collaborating with Pramila (seen below, right), an art teacher who has recently joined Shelter, I created posters with detailed images describing handwashing and food safety issues. With the much appreciated help of my coworkers, I had the text translated into Marathi. I have recently returned from Sangli, where the SA social workers and myself brought the posters in various slum settlements to make informal presentations about health issues. Ultimately, my plan is for these posters will be displayed in community toilet blocks and community centers within the slums, along with extras to be used by social workers in hygiene workshops.




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