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Since its inception in 2005, FSA’s education and fundraising efforts have funded toilets that have benefited over 475+ families. These families now have improved access to sanitation that helps reduce child mortality, diseases, and ensures environmental sustainability. We work to bring social change through these steps:

1. Forming Partnerships to Raise Funds

Our first step is to partner and mobilize different segments of the community that are sensitive to the issue of global poverty to raise funds. 

Community mobilization

We reach out to those in the community who want to give back and positively change places they’ve come from. Our fundraisers have been successful as a result of strong participation from people that perceive Shelter Associates as a meaningful way of engaging with problems of urban poverty.

Educational communities

FSA draws strength from its collaboration with educational institutions. The FSA steering committee consists of volunteers from the local communities, staff, students, and faculty from Connecticut College and Brown University. The educational and fundraising missions of FSA are being supported by Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy at Connecticut College.  

Partnering with For-Profit Companies

For-Profit Companies support FSA by matching funds contributed by their associates.


2. Finding Projects to fund

FSA partners with Shelter Associates to select funding projects and identify the most deserving recipients of your donation. We also fund those slum citizens who live in extreme poverty and are the most vulnerable members of society: the elderly with no savings, the handicapped with no means to earn an income, women suffering from AIDS, and those living in extreme poverty. 

3. Tracking Beneficiaries 

We are committed to providing transparency on how we use your donations. Dr. Sunil Bhatia has visited over 9 slum settlements, met beneficiary families, and inspected the toilets built with FSA funding. FSA also places student interns with Shelter Associates in India to conducting field surveys and recording beneficiary impacts. We also maintain a database of FSA funding recipients. Please visit our beneficiary page to see recipient photos.

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